Fixed an issue where, in some scenarios, Google Maps could not provide different route options while using Android Auto. Also revealed is a new casting feature that seems to mirror your phone’s display on your car screen. That could be useful if you need to do something that Android Auto or Google Assistant doesn’t HappyMod – Download HappyMod for Android OS support.

  • To tackle this issue, we instruct android compiler to create an AAB file instead of an APK.
  • Provides users with the ability to read the text within images.
  • Topics like threads, JUnit, performance tuning are covered in-depth along with other core concepts.
  • He specializes in Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux platforms.
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For this tutorial, we are using the AAB file of our Notification History application. Copy your Android App Bundle (.aab) file to the same folder where you have downloaded the bundletool.jar in previous steps. This is very important and you must make sure both bundletool.jar and .aab file is in the same folder every time you run the bundletool command. If you need to test something with the intention of putting it on other Android devices, the emulator is still the best way.

How To Find Apk Files On Android Phone

To do that, you need to use the keystore data created in the previous section. Select Choose existing… and navigate to its location. Then, fill out its password, alias name and enter a wanted password for the app key. Instead of my-app-release-key, specify a name for your keystore.

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As it turns out it was extremely hard to figure out how the sig parameter was being generated. Everything else seemed generic enough but sig was dynamic and changed with a change in input.

It is best that you stick Anythe apps that are intended for mobile use like AnyDo List and other tasks manager type apps. That way you know that you are using a clean download and it will not bring problems.